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About the WORC Education Project

The WORC Education Project seeks to achieve a democratic, sustainable and just society through community action. The WORC Education Project is creating long-term social change by building a grassroots base of skilled citizens directly involved in working for stewardship and conservation of land, water and natural resources, economic and social justice for rural communities and empowering local citizens to participate in civic life

Founded in 1989, the WORC Education Project is a 501 (c)(3) corporation that supports the charitable and educational activities of  WORC, the Western Organization of Resource Councils.

WORC is a network of state organizations in seven states that includes 10,000 members and 40 local chapters. The WORC Education Project has a grant agreement with WORC to undertake strategic research and analysis, public education, leadership and staff development (within the limits of the Project’s tax-exempt status).

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